The Economics Department
Economics Curriculum at Dominican College Sion Hill


Economics is a fundamental aspect of social science, it is the study of how societies, governments, businesses, households, and individuals allocate their scarce resources. The goal of the Economics department is to provide students with;

• An understanding of economic activities
• An appreciation of economic principles
• An exposure to economic patterns
• The ability to develop their capacity to apply these principles
• To achieve critical thinking
• To develop an interest in economics towards aiding citizenship
• To provide a suitable basis for the further study of economics

Economics in Transition Year

At Dominican College Sion Hill all students partake in an Economic module rotation during transition year, during this module students are exposed to a range of topics from Microeconomics through to Macroeconomics. Students will complete an Economic project during this module to demonstrate their understanding of key concepts and their application of these concepts to real life scenarios.

Senior Cycle Economics

The Senior Cycle curriculum is focused on the syllabus for the Leaving Certificate while also complementing current affairs and relevant economic developments. Students gain exposure to a range of articles and explore their studied curriculum through relatable teaching strategies. Students receive detailed feedback on their assignments and are provided with a structured approach to answering the requirements of the Leaving Cert English paper.

The Economics Department

Ms Mc Carthy
Learning economics is like trying to repair a car while it is running – Ben Bernanke