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Mind, Body & Soul Committee

MBS will help to support the whole human being by emphasising the inner person – the spirit, mental health and feeling well. Care be encouraged by this committee. Students will share their belief in the well-being of all in our school community, help others to participate and so strengthen school life.

Our Mind, Body & Soul Committee 2019-2020

Mind, Body & Soul Committee 2019-2020

PrefectsShona FitzpatrickTess Scully 
6th yearSadhbh Quinlan
5th yearAlicia RusuLaoise Duggan
4th yearHanna KeoghSabina Elviri
3rd year Kate HaughInés Ferreira
2nd year Daisy ByrneMaddie Collett
1st yearCiara MartinEmer Brady
Co-ordinating teachersNicole BradySarah Quinn