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Student Leadership

“Promotion of student voice, student leadership and student involvement is exemplary, wide-ranging and innovative. The roles and decisions of the student council and student leadership committees are highly-valued, representative, and seen as catalysts for change. Students take on leadership roles through the student council, as prefects, team captains and on school committees. There are student leadership committees for the arts, environment, library, sports, social awareness and mind, body and soul. In their positions as leaders, students are encouraged to share their enthusiasm, help others to participate and strengthen school life”.

Whole School Evaluation by the Department of Education 

Prefects 2020/21 
Head GirlPalakshi Rattan
Deputy Head GirlsLara Creighton
Rachel Ellis
PrefectsJulianna Campbell
Kerry Echanes
Karla Jenkac
Sophie Kelly
Sofia Lambertini
Gizelle Maglagang
Alyssa Mahiluddin Nadinne
Ciara McLain
Anriya Paulose
Varsha Vincent
Robyn Rua Waters
Kate Whelan